About us ( Radha Saral Bihari Temple)

Radha Saral Bihari Temple, is a humble tribute to the inexpressible beauty majesty and unbounded glory of the divine, located just south of the city, 15 minutes away from the airport at Sitapura, Manpur Nagalya in pink city Jaipur ( Rajasthan), India.

Radha Saral Bihari Temple, is both a labour of love and a work of art, helps one internalize the purity, peace, and presence of God all around.

“A temple is a place of paramount Peace.” The temple has three beautifully carved marble shrines, Central shrine of the temple has murti of Radha Ji and Lord Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu, the god of love, as the prime focus of all worship and devotion. Right Shrine has tribute to Triputi Balaji, Lord of goddess Lakshmi. Left Shrine has Shrinath ji, known as the Pushti Marg “the Path of Grace”. Other side of the temple has Maa Sarleswari darbar and mahadev kund.

Externally and internally, structural features such as columns and beams are profusely carved with traditional Hindu motifs of auspiciousness, peace and piety. It is where architecture becomes art and art becomes architecture, and both become devotional.

The Inlay Work

The beautiful designs depicting, birds, animals, flowers have been engraved in marble and then studded with colorful semi precious stones, that come out to be a great art work. In the art work at Radha Saral Bihari Temple, one can find life everywhere in shape of human beings, birds, animals and flowers.

Radha Saral Bihari Temple is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Its sculpted flowerbeds come alive in all their glorious colors during the spring and summer, while the lush clipped lawns, evergreen yews, and ornate patterns of topiary shaped hedging can be enjoyed all year round.